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At Cape Ann Savings Bank you are met with personalized, friendly service and a variety of competitive products and banking services. Contact one of our professional representatives 978-283-0246, toll free 888-283-2272 or  visit one of our offices for more information.

ATM/Debit Cards

Have access to your Cape Ann Savings Bank NOW Account, Business Checking Accounts or your Retail or Business Money Market Demand Deposit Account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • No ATM fees when used at any of our 9 convenient ATM locations
  • No ATM fees when used at an ATM that is part of the SUM network. SUM locations
  • Use your card anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide** at any ATM that displays the NYCE, Cirrus or Plus logo.*
  • Use your card anywhere Visa is accepted for quick and easy purchases*. Purchases made with your Visa debit card are deducted from your corresponding account.

$1,000.00 per day limit on ATM (pinned) transactions.

$2,000.00 per day limit on POS (signature based) transactions

Temporary limit increases available for larger purchases***

*fees may apply

**Cape Ann Savings Bank must be notified prior to traveling.

***for security purposes, visit our ATM/Debit Card Department or Customer Service Department for prior approval.

Lost or stolen ATM/Debit card?

Call 978-283-0246 during banking hours or 800-554-8969 during non-banking hours.


Cape Ann Savings Bank offers Automated Clearing House services for qualified businesses*. With ACH, businesses will be able to authorize payroll payments for employees, as well as issue debit or credits with their vendors. Please email or call Grace Sargent in our Business Banking Department at  978-283-0246, X5850 or toll free 888-283-2272 for more information

*ACH is not available for personal accounts.

Merchant Services

Cape Ann Savings Bank has teamed up with Transaction Resources (TRI), Inc. to offer Merchant Services for our Business customers*. TRI services include; credit and debit card processing, gift cards, mobile terminals, and equipment from lending manufacturers. For more information, email or call Grace Sargent in our Business Banking Department at 978-283-0246, X5850 / toll free 888-283-2272, X5850.

*Merchant Services are not available for personal accounts.


Wire Transfers

Send or receive funds quickly and securely. Please visit one of our convenient locations or contact our wire department at 978-283-0246 or toll free 888-283-2272.

What you need to know

Telephone Banking

Access your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any touch-tone phone. Convenient, flexible, easy, and fast. Dial 978-282-4349 or toll free 866-283-1846.

  • Confirm account balances and interest information
  • Confirm withdrawals or deposits
  • Verify that a check has cleared
  • Transfer money between transaction accounts*
  • Make internal loan payments
  • Make a stop payment on a check
  • Report your ATM/Debit card lost or stolen

*NOW checking, Money Market Demand Deposit, and Statement Savings Accounts are eligible.

Sweep Protection

Sweep your overdraft worries away. Cape Ann Savings Bank offers sweep protection to our transaction accounts*. In the event that you are overdrawn, funds are automatically transferred from another checking or savings account to cover the overdrawn amount.** Use this free service today.

*NOW checking, Money Market and Statement Savings Accounts are eligible.

**Sweep account must have enough funds to cover a transfer. Not a line of credit.

Additional Services

Cape Ann Savings Bank offers these additional convenient services. Contact us or visit one of our convenient locations today!

Wire Transfer Information

You must be a customer of the Cape Ann Savings Bank for all wire transfers.

Information required to process an outgoing wire:

  • Beneficiary Bank’s Name and Address
  • ABA Routing Number - confirm with the Bank as wire transfer ABA Routing Numbers can differ. (Swift Code and IBAN for International wires)*
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number
  • Beneficiary’s Name and Address
  • Reason for the Wire
  • Any further information to the beneficiary bank or the beneficiary in order to process the wire without error.
  • *All International wire transfer requests will require printed instructions.

Information required for an incoming wire:

  • Cape Ann Savings Bank’s Routing Number – 211370862
  • Customer's account number, name and address to be credited.
  • If a SWIFT code is needed for an incoming wire transfer, please contact the Bank for detailed instructions.

Note: The cut off time for domestic incoming and outgoing wires, and incoming International wires is 2:00 p.m. The cut off time for outgoing International wires is 1:00 p.m. If a problem should arise with the wire, the wire may be processed the following day. All times are EST.

Related Fees:

  • Incoming Wire Processing Fee: $15.00
  • Outgoing Wire Processing Fee: $30.00
  • Outgoing International Wire Fee: $50.00

Initiate a stop payment by doing any of the following:

  • Log into your Personal or Business Online Banking account, click on your checking account under account list, and click on stop payment link.
  • Call Telephone Banking 978-282-4349 or toll free 866-283-1846. Enter your checking account number and PIN, select the stop payment option (option 6)
  • Visit one of our convenient locations and see our NOW or Customer Service departments for assistance.

Stop payments initiated by telephone or online banking must be finalized by signing a document within 14 days.


Contact our NOW department at 978-283-0246.

*fee applies

You can easily order checks by any of the following ways:

  • Drop your reorder form in a Cape Ann Savings Bank night deposit box
  • Visit customer service at any of our convenient locations.
  • Visit to place your order online

Safe Deposit Box Information

Our Main Office and Granite Branch in Rockport offer the convenience and security of safe deposit boxes. Please visit one of our customer service representatives to inquire about availability.

Call our Customer Service Department for available box sizes and rates at 978-283-0246.

*Contents of a Safe Deposit Box are not FDIC or Bank insured.

Rockport Drive-Through Services

  • Drive-through ATM
  • Drive-through teller
  • Drive-through night deposit box

Foreign Currency Purchases

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Cape Ann Savings Bank makes it easy to get the currency you need for your trip.

You must be a customer of Cape Ann Savings Bank for all foreign currency purchases.*

  • Orders can be placed at any of the Bank's locations.
  • Foreign currency orders can be placed during business hours Monday-Friday. Orders need to be placed by 1:30 p.m. for two business day delivery. Please add an additional business day for orders placed after 1:30 p.m.
  • Note: Foreign currency purchases must be paid for with a Cape Ann Savings Bank checking or savings account.
  •  For further information, please visit one of our convenient locations or contact the Bank at 978-283-0246, toll free 888-283-2272.

*Please note a processing fee applies.

Please be advised that the Cape Ann Savings Bank does not buy back foreign currency.


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