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No two investors are alike. At Cape Ann Savings Trust & Financial Services, we offer a variety of ways to help meet your unique financial needs. Whether you're looking to build and preserve wealth, save for retirement or leave a legacy for your heirs, we have many investment options and professional services designed to help keep you on track to achieve your long-term goals.

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Investment Services

Complete investment services are offered to all clients. Accounts may be Investment Management Accounts (IMA), revocable or irrevocable trusts, agencies for trustees of revocable or irrevocable trusts and Traditional IRA, IRA Rollover Accounts or Roth IRA Accounts.


Investment Approach

Our investment approach focuses on creating diversified portfolios that reflect client investment expectations, cash needs, risk tolerances, and tax situations. Based on our investment principles and our clients’ investment objectives, we create customized investment portfolios to help achieve client-specific goals:

Investment Principles

We have a fundamental set of investment principles that guide our decisions and create the foundation of a disciplined investment strategy.

  • Diversification enables better risk/return results
  • Asset allocation is the primary driver of portfolio return and risk
  • Long-term investment horizons generally produce better results

Investment Objectives

Each of our clients has a unique set of financial goals which we strive to achieve. While we believe no client is the same, there are some commonalities across investment objectives:

  • Preserve and Grow Purchasing Power
  • Avoid Permanent Loss of Capital
  • Pursue Tax Efficiency

Portfolio Construction

By combining our investment principles and our clients’ investment objectives, we can create customized portfolios. We believe in constructing efficient portfolios that comprise a balance of high quality fixed income, domestic stock, foreign stock and alternative investment exposure. The process of building an efficient portfolio is driven by the attractiveness of assets given market conditions. Our disciplined investment process and market analysis drives the asset allocation decision which seeks to maximize return for a given level of risk. We prefer to use individual securities whenever possible; however, most portfolios include a mix of individual securities, active and passive exchange traded funds and mutual funds. We believe a combination of varied securities within asset classes helps to enhance return and minimize expenses.

Portfolio Monitoring

Once the portfolio is constructed our work is not done. Care is given to the ongoing maintenance of portfolios through an active monitoring process. We conduct portfolio reviews to evaluate portfolio composition relative to asset allocation decisions and changes in clients’ investment objectives.




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