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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is an integral part of the services offered by Cape Ann Savings Trust & Financial Services. Investments are not made in a vacuum. Investments need to support the goals of the individual, family, or entity that makes them.

Ask yourself the following questions and, if the answer is “No” to any of them please give us call us at
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The Financial Puzzle

  • When you look at your investment statement,
    do you understand it?
  • Do you know why your investments are allocated
    the way they are?
  • Do your investments support your financial goals?

We’re right here, beside you.

How We Can Help

Financial Planning is exactly what it sounds like. It should help prepare you for the large financial obligations life brings, such as retirement, or a child’s college education, or the security of your family. It often refers to planning and actions that take place over the course of years, not months.

Financial planning incorporates:

  • Savings rates
  • Rate of return
  • Anticipated expenses
  • Transaction costs
  • Taxes
  • Financial goals

Financial planning should incorporate quantitative and qualitative information in order to establish the set of plans and actions that are most suitable for you and your financial situation. Let our Trust professionals work with you to establish a financial plan that suits your needs and meets your expectations. Call us today at 978-283-7079.


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